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Orlando’s Pizza and Bosco’s Pizza Reviews

East Liverpool Ohio we combined these 2...frankly because they were not good.

We did multiple spots today and combining them because we just did not like these 2 spots at all.

You will see the first spot we have a little bit of optimism...but after the second we just lost our ability to find a positive spin....sorry in advance...We really don’t like giving bad reviews We have always said “there’s no such thing as a bad pie”...but these just were not very good...I’m sorry but if there’s any spot in East Liverpool that’s any better please let us know.

We got hammered by the people of East Liverpool after posing this on our Facebook page, and I get you grew up on will always hold a spot in your heart, but we just have to be honest from our point of view

Also these places saw a huge bump in business after this review was posted....and that is our send business and a free bump to these local Youngstown Pizza area spots

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