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The Story

I was raised on Youngstown Pizza.  I love Youngstown Pizza.  In fact you might say it is in my blood.  My mother tells the story of how she always craved Uptown Pizza while she was pregnant with me.

We did not grow up with a lot of money, and with 3 kids, a tray of Wedgewood would feed the whole family.

I think that is one reason pizza is so big in the Youngstown area.

Youngstown is a city of grit, and hard work, but at the same time it is a city of struggle and living paycheck to paycheck for many families.  Pizza is an affordable dinner option to feed the whole family.

Youngstown is also known to have an extremely large Italian community.  So there are many many pizza shops that have been around for decades with authentic Italian recipes passed down from generation to generation.

My wife and I chose to raise our daughter here, and she has carried on the tradition of appreciating Youngstown Pizza.

What started out as just a joke,  posting a review of a new pizza shop we have never tried before on my personal Facebook page, quickly transformed into something more.  It is something we could do together as a father-daughter duo, but it also soon became evident that we are also helping small businesses.  

Our videos have gotten thousands of views and driven a ton of business to some little shops that could use the push because maybe they cannot afford to have advertising.  I remember the first time a shop owner reached out to us thanking us for the review, because he had never been busier! 

We want to bring as much attention to this area as we can, and help as many people as we can, and we truly believe that our Pizza here in Youngstown could be a driving force behind that!

Our pizza is worth driving here for! 


Come experience our little town, that we have self-proclaimed "The Pizza Capital of the World"

Crusts Up!!!

*We are in no way affiliated with any pizza shop we list on this page.  We get no compensation from these pizza shops.  Our main goal is to simply help bring attention and business to the amazing pizza locations in the Youngstown area, and give our opinions as to what we prefer.  In no way do we consider our opinions to be right or wrong.  That is the beauty of living here, there are dozens upon dozens of locations that everyone can have different opinions and favorites


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