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JP's Pizzeria and Grille

Calcutta Ohio

We are pretty sure that the entire town of East Liverpool hates us after our last review lol...but hopefully this review from 7 minutes away in Calcutta shows that we do like some pizza down there

We learned fairly quickly that the area makes “Ohio Valley Pizza” at most of their locations...We had never heard of this...apparently they cook the pizza, then when it comes out of the oven they put another layer of cold mozzarella cheese on top of it, and that is why it doesn’t melt all the way...I personally do not think it’s appetizing...but people around there love the cold/hot mixture...who knew

JP’s was more of a “Youngstown Pizza" style...maybe that is why we enjoyed it significantly more than the other 2...

We have gotten an invite from a few other spots in the East Liverpool area to try their version of “Ohio Valley Pizza” we may give it another shot

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1 Comment

Mar 22, 2021

This is what I mean...this pizza is bland and greasy and you liked it



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